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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child get from the Legends Academy that he won't get with another program?

  • Incredible Dribbling and Finishing Skills
  • Positive Mental Attitude – A huge part of the program success has been gained by conditioning the players to see the upside of circumstances and make the next thing in the game of life a positive and productive event. Regular motivational e-mails and motivational coaching emphasis are an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Self Confidence – From mastering the most difficult skills
  • Elite Teamwork – From playing the worlds most popular sport at the highest level and having more tactical options than other players
  • Leadership – From learning how to master the ball and from taking the responsibility to make the big plays
  • Power –  Legends Soccer develops total body power as a result of dynamic soccer actions such as shooting, faking and exploding, short sprints and tackling
  • Anaerobic Capacity – A better anaerobic threshold is developed because the practices are broken into 3 or 4 minute competitive segments that improve the players’ exhaustion, (lactic acid), threshold considerably
  • Coordination– No other sport expects players to move the ball with their feet at speed and only the Legends program develops the most difficult soccer skills under pressure
  • Agility – The tremendous emphasis on the most difficult dribbling fakes and shooting skills develops a supreme level of agility
  • Endurance – Each practice is filled with activity that develops the cardio-vascular system to an extensive degree
  • Intelligence – Legends players are asked to make difficult decisions with the complication of limited space and time, thereby fostering soccer intelligence
  • Injury avoidance – Soccer is one of the safest team sports and the Legends approach builds a greater level of agility and coordination which develops superior ability to avoid potentially injurious situations
  • Role Models – Older Legends teams will provide numerous examples of the skillful intelligent approach to soccer and a classy, integrity based, philosophy applied to competitive athletics

How long do I sign up for?
Legends players can sign up per season which last 8 weeks generally.  Some legends players sign up for the entire year and pay monthly dues. 

How do you divide up playing time?
We believe in equal playing time for all players who consistently attend practice. We do not play a bench. We believe that keeping our stronger players on the field at the expense of playing time for our weaker players is unfair and ends up de-motivating the weaker players and teaching the stronger players that it is OK to be unfair as long as the team wins. The only justification for unequal playing time is the statistical win and we believe that this is a cynical ego driven motive that has no place in youth sports where development should be the paramount consideration

How do you train positional play?
We train utility players who are able to play numerous positions because their ability with the ball and situational versatility gives them a breadth and depth of talents and skills applicable to a wide variety of situations. We position players much later than other youth clubs because our focus is on maximizing the abilities of each individual not winning games.